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6 Reasons To Own An LBD

It's the feeling I get when I wear black that keeps me on the look out for a new LBD.

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"Charlie" McBynum, Blogger/Creator Email for Business Inquiries/Collaborations  Charlie Coconutz is a Raleigh-based fashion blog, curated to inspire the novel fashionista, share beautiful fashion and outfit inspiration, with tips for the modern woman with emphasis on plus size matters.  Incorporating a trendy, yet classic style that is within reach for every woman, no matter her budget. … Continue reading ABOUT CCZ

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Reason to Travel

It doesn't matter if its an over night trip or if it's a month long stay in some foreign country-- I am all for it. My travel inspirations and reasons are many. Vibrant Instagram posts and travel vloggers, travelled family members, personal desire and/or ah ha moments, all contribute to my reasons to travel. In… Continue reading Reason to Travel

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Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

"We hate neutrals!" said no one ever. However, we do find it a little boring to watch our favorite creators use the same colors across their platforms and their wardrobes. Which is one of the reason I went with the aqua color for my space here on the net. Why then are neutrals so popular… Continue reading Neutrals, Neutrals, Neutrals

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Wishlist Feb 2021: Aqua Edition

Everyday I scour the internet for post ideas, new products to purchase and write about. Today I thought I would post something that I have seen and enjoyed from many other bloggers, my February 2021 wishlist! These items are items that I have either tried before or just want to get my hands on, mainly… Continue reading Wishlist Feb 2021: Aqua Edition

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Finding Your Signature Style

Until we know what our style is, it will always be a challenge to get dressed and feel confident. This post will help you ask yourself the right questions and to ultimately point you in the best direction to find your signature style that will make you feel happy about getting ready in the morning.… Continue reading Finding Your Signature Style



Ladies! There is no reason to spend lots of money on looking put together when you have retail staples like Target! I just completed a haul in target that makes my heart sing. This initially was shopping trip to insert key pieces into my wardrobe that I needed to create certain looks. So, if you… Continue reading TARGET HAUL JAN 2021

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4 Reasons Graphic Tees Should NOT be in your Closet as a Neo-Fashionista.

1) Wrong fit. Finding the right fit in a tee is difficult enough without an advert being pressed across the front. Unless you pay close attention to fit, the graphic and the rest of the outfit, you can end up looking drab and thrown together— but, not in a good way. I am sure you… Continue reading 4 Reasons Graphic Tees Should NOT be in your Closet as a Neo-Fashionista.

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Hosting During a Pandemic

You’ve decided to invite your family and friends to your home for the holidays. Its so important to remember that we are living in a corona world. That means going the extra mile and providing our guests with the a few little extras to be sure that all they take home with them are leftovers… Continue reading Hosting During a Pandemic

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Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season that we are all hoping goes smoothly, as the world around us changes from day to day. It's nice to have something to look forward to, whether we end up staying at home, traveling or just locally meeting with friends and family. There is definitely a gift out there for everyone. By… Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide